AHN Athletics

First, some history

Joe MakowiecThe process which led to the AHN Soccer and AHN Track websites started in the fall of 2004, when Sara Makowiec started playing soccer as a sophomore transfer to Holy Names. Her dad, Joe Makowiec (that's me on the right), wanted a way to keep track of schedule and results, and programmed a tracking system on our in-house server. That Christmas, we got ourselves a shiny new Nikon digital SLR. And so on to track season, where I spent a lot of time taking pictures. As the season wore on, I got several requests for copies of pictures. No problem.

That summer, though, a thought occured to me: "Hey, wait a minute... I'm a web developer! I know what we can do with these pictures!" So I purchased domain names, and the sites were born.

I ran both ahnsoccer.com and ahntrack.com for the next two years, posting schedules, results and mostly pictures, and I had a great time doing it. Toward the end of the 2006-2007 seasons (both soccer and track), parents discussed with me the possibility of keeping the sites going after Sara graduated in May of 2007.

So here we are in the Autumn of 2012. will continue with AHN Soccer. I'll pull results for XC and track, but sorry, no pictures.

Thanks to past contributers Matt and Suzanne Turner and Andrea Smyth Massaroni for soccer, and Linda Isabelle-Smyth and Chris Falvey for cross country and track. They were colossal helps.

OK, here's the deal...

I'm happy to continue doing this in the current academic year. I no longer know any of the kids who were Sara's teammates. I think highly of Coach Cherubino. But as time wears on, I've gotten further distant from the school and the kids. (Where did the time go? Sara's class are out of college by and large, and most of the kids I knew are graduated from college now. Some may have daughters enrolling at AHN.)

The domain names:

As of right now, they're all registered in my name. Domain names are cheap, on the order of $10/domain/year or less, so (at least from my perspective) cost isn't an issue. Or if somebody is interested in taking over outright, I'd be happy to transfer the domains to them.


I have a dedicated server with lots of disk space, and I plan to continue having the server, so to host the sites is a sunk cost* for me. Again, cost isn't an issue. I can continue to provide hosting and domain names.

What's on the server:

Both sites use a combination of Dreamweaver server behaviors and my own hand-written code. Both sites rely extensively on data drawn from the database. And both sites use templates and menu products from Project Seven.

What we need

Somebody to take over the back end on the sites. I can continue hosting, but I'd rather get out of the maintenance business.


The sites will continue through 2012-2013, with Terri Crowley taking on soccer and Debbie Close doing cross country and track.


Some statistics through 2007:

Updated 2010 2012: